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Tag: DIY

Easy things you can DIY with Wood slices

The wood slice is easy to get and is nature, you should stock some and see one day make them all useful life partners!Serving Board...

Free woodworking plan sources

This is a personal note list, where I get great woodworking plans from. I hope you enjoy it, and I will keep it updated:Dhertoolbelt...

30 Gadget ideas that you can deal with pallets

I'd wish one day I can build all furnitures by using pallets....

The Samurai Workbench

The workbench is a starting plan, why not build a perfect one?

Wooden Fire Pit

Have you ever thought DIY a Wooden Fire Pit?Jonathan Odom did it, I am considering to make it before this winter:D

How to paint rustic style with crackles

Sometimes we have furnitures that we don’t use and are useless for us. But also sometimes a renovation like a rustic style maybe is...

A talent stand set

Sometimes I think we can pay a Saturday for making a great life partner to win a life, isn't it?Someone believe it, and he...

How to have birds around your garden

Finally I understand why birds are with my neighbours but not me:D