Lawn Mowing Hack

Why didn't I think of this?A cup of coffee time after, he finished the job.

3 Hand Tool Projects for Woodwork Beginner

If you want to start to make some woodwork, here are some inspiration for you... Side TableBookshelfStool

Easy things you can DIY with Wood slices

The wood slice is easy to get and is nature, you should stock some and see one day make them all useful life partners!Serving Board...

5 Ideas to Bring the Outdoors in

Maximize the Nature Light In Your HouseBring in a bit of nature Sliding Walls Bring the Outside InPhoto by Griffin Enright Architects...

5 Tools for Beginner Woodworker

1.Drill and Impact Driver Measure4.Chisels5.Sander

Minimal MUJI Kitchen Appliances

Design brand Muji is releasing a pop-up toaster and an electric kettle by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa at stores in the UK, USA and...

Free woodworking plan sources

This is a personal note list, where I get great woodworking plans from. I hope you enjoy it, and I will keep it updated:Dhertoolbelt...

10 Chalkboard Ideas For Your Home and Workspace

Chalkboard is not for classroom only. You can see it in restaurant、cafe、office. You can also use chalkboard to bring more fun in your home....

Giant Pencil Decoration!

Amy has created a Giant Pencil decoration!Here is how she did it.