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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

DIY Rotating Cooking Utensil Storage Rack

My kitchen has been in serious need of some organizational help. I love to cook and am on a mission to make it easier...

Over the Sink Shelf From Pallet Wood

I've always liked the idea of the over the sink shelf, but they always seem so flimsy, so we decided to make one with...

Trash Can

Well, incase you have a barrel:DCheck out:http://www.kingbarrel.biz/rentals/

DIY a sawhorses

This is a sawhorses, but also a great table leg, isn't it?

DIY Twig Buttons

This will really bring you a warm winter! 


Well, this is how a wood is planed for pieces.

Meet the best decoration of shelf idea

The desired space has never been so good when it comes a simple decoration design!

The Handmade Bike Shelve for Your Small Spaces

Last year, Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw debuted his smart and simple wood Bike Shelf and we've noticed lots of similar styles popping up...