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How to make Lichtenburg fractal burning style

Tim Yoder drives Lichtenburg fractal burning style on wood Vessel like a master! Sincerely, I like this man and all his videos shares!

3 Hand Tool Projects for Woodwork Beginner

If you want to start to make some woodwork, here are some inspiration for you... Side Table Bookshelf Stool

DIY Kitchen Island

I’m really excited to show you how this last project turned out.  I have been in need of a larger, more functional kitchen island,...

5 Tools for Beginner Woodworker

1.Drill and Impact Driver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ESqb2oAqlw 2.Hammer 3.Tape Measure 4.Chisels 5.Sander

DIY Rotating Cooking Utensil Storage Rack

My kitchen has been in serious need of some organizational help. I love to cook and am on a mission to make it easier...

DIY Twig Buttons

This will really bring you a warm winter!  


Well, this is how a wood is planed for pieces.

Wooden Fire Pit

Have you ever thought DIY a Wooden Fire Pit? Jonathan Odom did it, I am considering to make it before this winter:D

A talent stand set

Sometimes I think we can pay a Saturday for making a great life partner to win a life, isn't it? Someone believe it, and he...

Honeycomb hexagon shelfs

This shelf is perfect for your kitchen! and is easy, isn't?


DIY Kitchen Island

Lawn Mowing Hack