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Awesome wall craft design works.

The Piano Hanger by Patrick Seha

The Piano Hanger is a very practical and functional accessory for any home. Hangers are usually this way. However, this particular one impresses both with its practicality and its clever and interesting design. The...

Rustic Elegant Pottery Display Shelves!

Don’t you just love it when brilliance strikes? Admittedly it doesn’t strike me often. Our area of North Carolina is famous for its potteries and gorgeous, varied styles. For ages I had been seeking a...

5 Brick Wall Decor Ideas for Your New Home

There's no denying that exposed brick walls always command attention. But what if you want to further enhance your beautiful brick? We've got wall decor ideas to help your enviable architectural detail command even...

Beach on the wall

The artist Katherine brings beach to your room, it's just simple and make life relaxing.

The Handmade Bike Shelve for Your Small Spaces

Last year, Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw debuted his smart and simple wood Bike Shelf and we've noticed lots of similar styles popping up on Etsy and other handmade sites. Most of them are...

Wall Mounted Paper Roller

The Studio Roller, an innovative way to display ideas and messages with the crowd. Reconnecting to the fundamentals of functional product design and fine craftsmanship. Designed to dispense universal-sized kraft rolls. Whether it’s in...

Detailed Map Mural on you wall

A UK designer create an awesome wall art which displaying world map on your wall! This fantastically detailed world map mural is a great way to add huge depth and interest to your walls, being...

Honeycomb hexagon shelfs

This shelf is perfect for your kitchen! and is easy, isn't?

Hot kiss on the wall

This talent design was made by pallets pieces which simply makes your wall hot!

Store Gear in Your Small Space

Putting things in a small space is never to be easy.Here we collect 3 ways for you to store gear in your small home/office/livingroom. This bike rack from CB2 doubles as a shelf, with a...



Lawn Mowing Hack

A Scrap Wood Side Table