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5 Ideas to Bring the Outdoors in

Maximize the Nature Light In Your House Bring in a bit of nature Sliding Walls Bring the Outside In Photo by Griffin Enright Architects...

This is why I love pallets so much!

These floating shelves are hand made from 100% recycled pallet wood. The wood is planed flat and square and lightly sanded. If you would...

The Samurai Workbench

The workbench is a starting plan, why not build a perfect one?

5 Things Your Nest Thermostat Can Do for You

1. It really listens to you Your husband may continuously forget your coffee order, but Nest pays careful attention to your behavior and keeps track...

Rustic Elegant Pottery Display Shelves!

Don’t you just love it when brilliance strikes? Admittedly it doesn’t strike me often. Our area of North Carolina is famous for its potteries and...

5 Lighting DIYs that Look Like a Million Bucks

I'm continually impressed by the quality of things that clever DIYers come up with, like these DIY lighting projects that look as good as,...

DIY Desks You Can Build In the Weekend

Need a desk ASAP, or looking for a way to squeeze another workspace into your home? Most of these desks are so simple to...

DIY a sawhorses

This is a sawhorses, but also a great table leg, isn't it?

Pinworld maps

The PinWorld XL is printed on three flexible felt panels which can be easily combined, choosing to place the centre of the world in...

life would be 100% better if we had this shower

Well, I found this shower system may make my life better:)