5 Things Your Nest Thermostat Can Do for You


1. It really listens to you

Your husband may continuously forget your coffee order, but Nest pays careful attention to your behavior and keeps track so it can cater to your preferences. If you keep turning up the heat when you wake up, for instance, it’ll adjust and start making it a little warmer in the a.m. hours.

2. It can catch intruders.

Nest’s thermostat integrates seamlessly with the brand’s other smart devices, likeNest Cam and Nest Protect (a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm). Here’s a cool feature if you’ve got the Cam: since the thermostat knows when you’re out (yup!), it can trigger the camera to start recording anytime it goes into Auto-Away mode, meaning if someone broke in, they’d be caught red-handed.


3. It will do your laundry (or at least cut down ironing time)

Okay, it won’t match socks, but Nest works with a ton of other smart devices likeWhirpool washers and dryers. When it senses you’re away, it can switch your dryer to Eco Mode to save energy, and keep your clothes wrinkle-free by tossing them around until you return.

4. It can take commands from a robot

If Nest has been listening to your habits but just not quite catching on completely, you can tell it what to do via an intermediary, Amazon’s Alexa. Imagine you’re baking pies on a crazy hot day, for instance, and suddenly you’re sweating in front of the oven. Just yell to Alexa to crank the AC, and she’ll relay the command to your Nest.

5. It can help you get to sleep

Temperature is a huge factor when it comes to sleeping well, and if you wear one ofMisfit Shine’s stylish fitness trackers on your wrist, the Misfit, which tracks your sleep, can change the temperature on your Nest as you begin to wake up. So on a freezing morning, it won’t be as hard to get out from under the covers.