There’s no denying that exposed brick walls always command attention. But what if you want to further enhance your beautiful brick? We’ve got wall decor ideas to help your enviable architectural detail command even more attention.

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Adding a subtle wash of white paint to a brick wall’s surface makes for a complex texture. The beautiful wall above seen in Rachel & Adam’s Cozy, Classic Clinton Hill Brownstone.


Paint your brick wall solidly with white paint for a surface that gives you a modern look while maintaining a great texture. The white brick wall above spotted in Before & After: Ideas from a Chic Boston Apartment Makeover.


White (even a thick coat) still not bold enough for you? Try using a shocking paint color, like in Jen and Dave’s Fixer-Upper Turned Colorful, Plant-Filled Austin Home.


Add a big mirror to your brick wall, like the one in Bree and Andy’s D.C. Home Hits the Bright Spot. The contrast between the brick wall’s rough texture and the mirror’s smooth reflection creates an exciting visual.


Infuse a space with visual energy by decorating your brick wall with a collage of small wall decor, like the example in Jessica’s Super Small NoLita Apartment. Using a rough, complex texture as the backdrop for decor is bold because your attention jumps between the brick wall to the decor and back again.