Over the Sink Shelf From Pallet Wood


I’ve always liked the idea of the over the sink shelf, but they always seem so flimsy, so we decided to make one with used pallet wood.
Over the sink window shelf made from pallet wood.
For this project, we used the 2×4 wood pieces from a very large skid.
The first thing we did was to measure the space over the sink so that we could custom cut the pieces to a workable size for our over the sink area.
We measured both the length and the height that the shelf would need to be in order to use the faucet without it being too tight of a squeeze.


The wood pieces were cut to size for both the length and height.
Next, liquid nails was used to attach pieces together for the both the top piece and the bottom “legs” of the shelf.


The wood pieces were then clamped to dry and screw holes were marked, counter sunk and then screws drilled in.


We now had a top piece and two bottom pieces for the legs. At this point, we gave it a good sanding.


It has come in quite handy for making use of our vertical space.


Then we Attached the top piece to leg pieces.


I finished it off with a sun bleach stain technique, inspired by another Hometalker.
Did I mention we don’t have a dish washer either?
I also eventually placed dish bins on top of the shelf to help keep my very small kitchen counter area as clutter free as possible.
You can see the full tutorial in the blog post link below.

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